Welcome to exploring languages

I have started the blog to allow myself and, more importantly, you to explore the worlds of languages and see how diverse the world is.

Why do this?

  • A lot of resources are wrapped in their native languages and the ‘unpacking’ needed is done automatically by speakers of that languages
  • language and language learning is such an integral part of the global community- a culture cannot be kept in isolation

There will be more to come and there will be different topics at times. But, I hope that you enjoy your journey of language discovery.

Some topics that I will cover will include specific language resources I have found useful and I hope you find them useful too.

Like living languages, this blog will grow, change, and develop and I hope that you enjoy reading in a month or in a years’ time.

Lastly, this blog may be Japanese heavy at times as I do live in Japan, for now at least.

Happy reading and welcome to the world of languages

Languages in use. Iga-ueno castle (and a hint for next time)

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