Crocks the new fashion trend?

The ‘unfashinable’ item from years past makes a comback?!?!

Think of any brand of shoes you know. There are the must haves, the sports shoes, the ‘I must be seen in these’ shoes, the ‘I need them for work shoes’ and crocs. The unspeakable item from years ago returns and is making a comeback.

The design has never turned many heads in the western worlds and to some extent it has never needed to. They are hardwearing, comfortable and extremly long lasting. There has been a line of chief crocs and it can been seen on many a person who spends hours on their feet each day.

Even for fashionistas, designers such as Pleasures, Christopher Kane and others have attempted to bring a new insight into the world of crocs- but to many it is still seen as a childish and ugly shoe.

But with Ariana Grande rocking a while pair with socks, there is a revival (finally) in the western world, but that’s never been a problem in Japan.

Japanese fashion has always been different- what may be fashionable in the UK and the USA, could be (and usually is) seen as fashion don’ts. But there is one thing to be aware of in Japan, fashion is usually prefectural and sometimes varies by city!

But crocs are worn by all across Japan for several reasons- with the most important being comfort. In Japan, you can go for a short walk to the shops (at least 30 minutes), walk to the bus stop (20-40 minutes one way), walk when you arrive at your destination and be required to remove shoes at school, the office, temples, clinics etc.

For these problems crocs are the answer and will always be the answer for many in Japan. (just don’t try and buy 30cm sized crocs- they don’t seem to exist)

As Always, enjoy exploring cultures.

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