Japanese Halloween

Happy Halloween…wait what?

It is always amazing to see the different culture another country adapts. For the UK, like Japan, we adopted Halloween but at the same time, the US template was not Japanese enough.

Interest in Halloween in Japan has exploded in recent years and so has the commercial aspect! What many people use to experience was nothing. No costumes, no cosplaying, no decoration, nothing. But that has changed.

There are more people dressing up, more people trick or treating and more hype surrounding this once purely American holiday.

Please note, I said more people ‘rick or treating’ but not many more. One important part of Japanese culture is 迷惑をかける (めいわけをかける   or annoying/ being a bother to others) and it is that feeling that will stop most.

But times are changing (as I hear the older generations complaining at the gym), and what once was taboo, may not be much more- more about that to come.

Thank you for reading and happy exploring

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