Global attitudes

Self-importance in the UK

As part of this blog, it is my goal to explore global thoughts, opinions, and importance. Where shall I start but the beginning for me.

The UK has many different views on many different things, some good- most bad. However one specific point of view reminded me of one of the major reasons why I left the UK.

During the rugby World Cup, the Scotland vs Japan game was postponed due to the typhoon, a decision I agree with. However, according to news reports, Scotland had threatened legal action of the game didn’t go ahead as planned yesterday. Fortunately the Scottish lost.

But the fact that this arrogance exists distrusted me. Japan has just experienced its’ worst typhoon in years, people are missing, people are dead and you are threatening legal action for a postponed game.

While this attitude is one that I was remiss in not reporting on, I can no longer allow myself to ignore it.

Therefore, I will cover a sensible brits approach to brexit, the reasons why it is failing, even with so many reminders, a perspective on Scottish independence, and wider European viewpoints on the whole perspective.

My goal of exploring viewpoints I have put off, at risk of putting of you, my readers, but understanding global cultures is an extremely important part of this blog.

I hope you will continue to explore global cultures and languages with me, but if not- thank you for have been a part of this journey.

Thank you for reading and happy exploring.

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