November: time to try something new

Theme of the month: change

A change is needed I think (Nabari- between Nabar-eki and Akameguchi)

Just like the coming and going of seasons, a new month is upon us once again.

These past 2 months have been challenging up be put politely. I have lost 2 family members and I have lost time due to grief (which I think anyone can understand).

However, I have found that- even with the intention of posting about health products, care etc in Japan (posts which I have written but not posted) my personal life did take priority and I seem to have sent a remarkable amount of time in my apartment and doing the same-old-same-old things time and time again.

Therefore, November’s theme is change and trying something new. But to ensure that I don’t get burnout from everything going on and just hid in my bed, I will explore new places (the big event), and have smaller posts where I try new products and go to new shops, temples and cafes- something a but nicer.

I addition to this, I plan on uploading 2 posts a day, 6 days a week (with day 7 being reserved for either a day of rest or uploading from my backlog).

I hope you enjoy what the new month has to offer.

As always, I hope you enjoyed reading and happy exploring.

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