Product: a bag of crisps/ chips

A coulourful snack, which are rather good!

Anyone that has been in Japan for any length of time will at least know of the preference to eat local food- and this is exactly what this is.

In Aeon, the supermarket, they will have a section which gives local farmers, and producers the chance to sell their products with the main global producers and sellers. This section is usually a bit cheaper than the rest (as it is local) and you are likely to find hidden gems.

This bag of crisps has been made from different types of potato and it has been very lightly salted- which is the reason they only lasted 10 minutes once opened!

The only ingredients used were potatoes, salt and vegetable oil. Additionally, they were produced in Iga so they are extremely local for me as well.

A nice tasty product, a small treat as part of my diet and highly recommended if your local!

Thank you for reading and happy exploring.

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