Mauerfall or ベルリン壁崩壊

Today is the 30 year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall and even Japan is reporting on it

Asahi-shinbun from 08/11/19

I was tempted to write this article in German, but I think that there is more of a needed for more historical Japanese terms to be available in German and English.

The article gave a full overview of the history the former DDR (Democratic republic of Germany or ドイツ民主共和国) but the article in question used the terms 旧西ドイツ – the former west Germany and 旧東ドイツ- the former east. The Kanji used ” 旧” read きょう means ex- or former.

The article gives a quick timeline of the wall (and pictured above) and gives the some lovely facts including: West Berlin being surrounded by 155 Km of wall; demonstrations happening within the DDR about the democratization of the country (民主化 or Demokratisierung) which were the Montagsdemonstrationen (or Monday demonstrations) which took place in dusk of the DDR.

The most tragic facts about the DDR were the 140 people (or thereabouts) that were killed trying to cross the wall.

The facts given within the article are what you would expect e.g. the wall was erected after WW2 and lasted for 45 years; the USA, UK and France occupied Berlin (米英仏に西側を占領された) etc.

One interesting things was the transliteration of Angela Merkel name which became Merukeru or メルケル首相. Interesting note, did you know she’s 65?!

Even though to many die deutsche wiedervereinigung (or the German reunification) is the important event (which takes place on the thrid of October), one must not forget about the importance of die Mauerfall!

I hope you enjoyed reading and happy exploring.

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