Resolution: drinking water just after waking up

Is drinking water just after waking up good for you?

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Today is January second and if you are already hard at work on your New Year’s resolution: congratulations. If you are yet to start of are struggling, don’t worry. A New year’s resolution is a promise to change your life style- it is a marathon NOT a sprint.

After starting to establish a sleep schedule, another small habit to add is drinking water in the morning- just after waking up.

Drinking water upon waking up has several reported benefits even if some of them are more placebolike in nature. Several sources state that drinking water on waking up will help your metabolism, help your concentration levels, help you eat less and help flush out toxins. But does it really help?

It is likely when waking up you may be dehydrated or in the early stages of dehydration. Dehydration does affect concentration levels so rehydrating does help with cognitive ability. Fun fact, the myth that hydration levels can be judged by urine colour is mostly a myth- there are many other things to take into account.

Next, does drinking water help with your metabolism or help flush out toxins? Simply put, there is no direct evidence to support any of this but many sources have claimed that drinking water on waking up has helped them with starting a healthy lifestyle and maintaining body weight.

What is the point then? I drink water in the morning because I have found it useful- as it helps reduce my appetite and eat less- but it is not exactly a scientific study.

This is but one small step towards a healthier lifestyle and its benefit is something you need to decide yourself. I would recommend drinking water with a slice of lemon in it for extra taste, but that is my preference.

Thank you for reading and heathy exploring.

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