The long hiatus

Good bye Japan

Please go forgive the extremely long time since my last post. Trying to find any sort of time in recent months has been extremely challenging, especially when you consider more recent circumstances e.g. COVID-19.

For those of you who have just discovered this blog, welcome! I hope you enjoy all that there is on this site and also a quick note. I am extremely supportive of the term “cultural appreciation”, which is even if it sounds wrong by modern standards, I will try to use the same terms that appeared in history- but explain the difference in meaning. The example from this blog concerns my earlier post on COVID-19. In that post I called it “the Chinese Coronavirus” which is what it was known by until the start of March- when it became a global issue.

Does it make what I posted fine- by older standards yes, but by today’s standards (less than a month later), no. That is history in a nut shell.

Moving on from this, the month ahead, will be a mod podge of posts concerning all that I researched and detailed before my departure- and it will most likely take longer than a month to do.

I will still be posting on Japan in the future but the focus may move away from “look what I did” to “look what happened either historically, culturally, or linguistically in Japan”.

I hope you all remain safe and well in these uncertain times. Thank you for reading and happy exploring!

Quick note, I will never delete old posts- because that is what I thought was correct at the time. Information changes and develops, but it is important to have a record of what I once thought!

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