Living a language

Exploring a language living abroad

Welcome to my blog dedicated to global languages and experiencing language. Languages are fluid and dynamic, they are adaptable to change either through cultural uptake or need of the language community.

This blog should allow you to experience different cultures through photos and images and allow you to see more of the global community. There will be tips for language learning and recommendations for continued learning.

Just one more quick note, please enjoy this blog as much as I will enjoy writing it. It was be research heavy at times and a bit too light at others, anecdotal, and convoluted but please enjoy, nevertheless.

Thank you and happy language learning.


Welcome to exploring languages

I have started the blog to allow myself and, more importantly, you to explore the worlds of languages and see how diverse the world is.

Why do this?

  • A lot of resources are wrapped in their native languages and the ‘unpacking’ needed is done automatically by speakers of that languages
  • language and language learning is such an integral part of the global community- a culture cannot be kept in isolation

There will be more to come and there will be different topics at times. But, I hope that you enjoy your journey of language discovery.

Some topics that I will cover will include specific language resources I have found useful and I hope you find them useful too.

Like living languages, this blog will grow, change, and develop and I hope that you enjoy reading in a month or in a years’ time.

Lastly, this blog may be Japanese heavy at times as I do live in Japan, for now at least.

Happy reading and welcome to the world of languages

Languages in use. Iga-ueno castle (and a hint for next time)