New year plans

Planning to say good bye to Japan

Before I give my review of Japan, it is important to say that the 3 strike rule has been exceeded in 2019. If I ignore the numerous times one of my family was hospitalized, my Uncle died, my Grandmother died and finally my Nana has been given a life limiting diagnosis. This is the final nail in the coffin to my life in Japan, and I am sad to see it go.

However, it has been said that only people who love Japanese culture can thrive here, but that is not necessarily true. Only people who love Japanese culture and who are willing to make major concessions can thrive here.

What do I mean? Simply put, Japan operates as a closed country and is unwilling to accept others.

Firstly a bit of background information. I am a Japanese speaker and I did study Japanese culture, language and history extensively as an undergraduate- so I have an excellent understanding of “why?” in Japan. However, understanding why something is, doesn’t always help.

During my time in Japan, I have had people seemingly be nice to me in English and say rather offensive things in Japanese to their friends, I have had people literally run away from me because I’m foreign, I have had people shun me, ignore me, and I am tired of it.

This blog will reflect global cultures and histories but it will always be heavily influenced by the country I live in. In 2020, Japan will become the UK. Or to be put a different way, I will seek to complete another degree in something I am passionate about and almost forget about Japanese.

Even writing this is hard. Will I stop my exploration into Japanese culture and history? No, but I need to do something that gives my life purpose and being in Japan is not one of these things.

The sad part about this is that I don’t think I will miss Japan. Have I met some brilliant people, yes, however I just have colleagues here- no close friends nor family.

I will not be moving immediately and I will give more information once more things are clear. Awareness month was my attempt to leave a positive legacy in Japan and help those who need it.

No matter my wants, or what I once wanted, I believe that I will never be accepted in Japan or be seen as more than a foreigner even if I were to marry, and I know many foreigners who have, I would remain an outsider.

As I said when starting this blog: let’s explore global cultures and histories together, not just Japan.

Thank you for reading and happy exploring.

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