Review: Nitori, homestore

The homestore that seems to have everything

The kitchen isle, soo many nice things

Nitori seems to be a more upmarket home store when compared to Nafco as it just sells furniture, crockery, ornaments etc when Nafco also sells cleaning supplies, building supplies etc. For my British readers, Nafco is the range/ B&Q while Nitori is Laura Ashley/ Dunhelm mill.

When going into the store, you first come across the seasonal isle (which features the C word- see previous post), followed by bedding and soft furnishings- at quite good prices.

If you are in the market for a western style bed or even a mattress, thus store has you covered- they offer a good range of products at a reasonable price (the author cannot give his personal opinion on mattresses here as he sleeps on a futon) and for those of you who are worried, there are the same sizes as you would find in Europe, the UK, or the USA.

Additionally, they have entire isles of smaller items from candles and scents- which collectively smells fantastic, to mirrors and frames (which were extremely cheap), to knickknacks and jewellery holders.

For those that need to furnish a house or an apartment, they do offer delivery services (which are dependant on items bought, current offers, distance from store etc).

Overall, Nitori is a store I would definitely check out and the best ones I have been to so far are Nabari and in Ise.

Thank you for reading and happy exploring.

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