The call that no-one wants

Bereavement entitlement in Japan

By a Japanese cementary

When you live in Japan, there is a likelihood that the call will come at some point and for me that was today.

If you are in the same situation as I, your first thought may be to go back and do what you can to help. But what rights do you have?

Legal rights for full time workers

忌引き休暇 (きびききゅうか/kibiki kyuka) is the Japanese term for condolence leave and it usually is only for full time employees- not anyone working or classified as working part time (this includes English conversation schools, short-term workers etc).

The classification for leave is based upon the degree of relationship between yourself and the deceased:

Relationship Usual allowed leave
Aunt/ Uncle 2 days
Child 5 days
Cousin 2 days
Grandchild 3 days
Grandparent 3 days
Parent 5 days
Sibling 3 days
Spouse 5 days
Other Usually none

If the time is not enough, then you would have to use vacation days as a way to make this up or take unpaid leave. If you are lucky, then you can travel overseas and say your goodbyes or is you cannot, keep the channels of communication open with your company and your family abroad.

If you are going through this as well, take each day as it comes.

Thank you for reading and happy exploring.

Todays blog is dedicated to my Uncle Kevin. His death is a shock to all. May he rest in peace.

安らかに眠れ (Yasuraka ni nemure)

Requiescat in pace

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