Review: Watasei, soft furnishings and clothing

A フワフワ (fluffy) place for all your needs

Futons, cushions and mats to name a few

While shopping in Aeon town in Iga, I saw a store with fluffy things outside and as winter is coming, I was in the market for a new rug- my apartment gets a bit cold.

What I cam across was a treasure-trove of a store that sells everything and everything soft. The store opens up to a sea of bedding and cushions galore in every size imaginable and even ones for any four legged friends you may have.

More importantly, it is cheap. Pricing depends on what you buy and in what size, the bigger, the more expensive which is a very logical pricing policy.

But what do they sell? They sell bedding, rugs, towels, futons, and clothing for men, women, and children. The final note on the clothing is that it’s very cheap and good quality. Forget GU, if you have a Watasei nearby, please check it out- it’s worth a look.

Thank you for reading and happy exploring.

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Opinion: Warning hell inbound

Advertising for frozen 2 has started… dear God

Its comming and I don’t mean the C word

After a long day at work, I go to the conbini to find a small treat and this…item jumped out on a bottle of green tea.

For those that cannot read Japanese, it says “Anne and the Snow Queen 2” aka FROZEN.

When I was last in Japan, “ありのままの自分になるの” was everywhere- shops, arcades, TV, all over campus ( I was a student) etc and now as a teacher of all ages….dear God not again.

To the parents who will buy items for their little ones, please keep it out of the classroom I don’t want to be a bit more insane thank you.

It’s coming…..

Thank you for reading and happy exploring.

Opinion: the decline of Daiso

Know as Japan’s dollar store, but should it be?

Daiso I known to many as being the epi-centre of all things cheap. From Electronics, to cosmetics, food, DVDs etc. It has it all.

Additionally there are many YouTube videos that feature tag lines such as “I buy dollar store makeup”, “I buy food from the dollar store” (note: if you want to see how prolific this is, just search ‘daiso’ on YouTube- the hits DO NOT END).

But the problem is that not all items are 100 JPY, some are 300, 400, 500 or higher and that is my first problem- it is NOT a dollar store nor is it as true 百円ショップ (ひゃくえん-100 yen)shop and It never claims to be- despite so much western media attention depicting it as that.

Another problem is that, while they have a good selection, shopping there makes you feel cheap or to put it a different way- it’s 100 yen, I suppose I can buy it at that price. Which is NOT how you want to feel shopping, it should be more “I can’t believe that it is only 100 yen”. Additionally, some items are of a poor quality which makes you as a very basic question- what am I buying.

But is there an alternative?

Of course, its Japan at the end of the day. My favourite and true 百円ショップ is Seria which to put briefly here (as the review is to come), seems to have much better quality of stock, has themed sections and displays, is always busy (having a lot of other people in a store helps your confidence when buying), and most importantly everything is actually 100 JPY + tax (so 108 JPY at time of writing).