December: awareness

As November draws to a close, and I reflect back on what I have experienced, seen and forgotten to blog….well no-ones perfect, and what I wanted to do- which is a rather long list.

I have done quite a bit and ironically, the death of family members did help but I have also come across problems in Japan either by reading the paper or by researching histories of places I have only briefly mentioned.

Japan is changing- there is no argument about this. However, there seems to be a reluctance to change, to want to change.

Along with this, Christmas (believe it or not) is coming and people embrace the festive atmosphere and become extremely charitable and what I would like to do is raise awareness of social or medical problems in Japan or actions Japan is taking on the global stage.

There will still be blog posts about new items, new places and new experiences. But, as it is the festive season, I am being a bit more financially cautious, unfortunately, so I will not be able to travel to the places I want to to highlight the cultural differences and experiences that are there.

I do believe that there needs to be more awareness on wider issues in Japan and this is what I would like to do. Please note, some topics will be difficult to discuss and what I am asking for is cultural understanding. I have a different cultural background to Japan and you my readers also have a different cultural background to I.

I hope that I keep you interested and help your awareness of Japan to grow.

Thank you for reading and happy exploring.

I have been made aware of some technical difficulties that some users have experienced while browsing. I am looking to get this resolved as a priority. Thank you for your understanding.

November: time to try something new

Theme of the month: change

A change is needed I think (Nabari- between Nabar-eki and Akameguchi)

Just like the coming and going of seasons, a new month is upon us once again.

These past 2 months have been challenging up be put politely. I have lost 2 family members and I have lost time due to grief (which I think anyone can understand).

However, I have found that- even with the intention of posting about health products, care etc in Japan (posts which I have written but not posted) my personal life did take priority and I seem to have sent a remarkable amount of time in my apartment and doing the same-old-same-old things time and time again.

Therefore, November’s theme is change and trying something new. But to ensure that I don’t get burnout from everything going on and just hid in my bed, I will explore new places (the big event), and have smaller posts where I try new products and go to new shops, temples and cafes- something a but nicer.

I addition to this, I plan on uploading 2 posts a day, 6 days a week (with day 7 being reserved for either a day of rest or uploading from my backlog).

I hope you enjoy what the new month has to offer.

As always, I hope you enjoyed reading and happy exploring.

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