No, you may not change your mind

British attitudes’: Brexit

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Who would have thought that even after moving thousands of miles away from the UK, I cannot escape Brexit news, it’s still on TV here as well.

One of the major problems I have found is with a person’s ability to change their mind.

The Brexit referendum results showed that 17.4 million people voted to leave (51.89%), 16.1 million people voted to stay (48.11%), but only 72.21% of eligible voters voted. Notice the first problem? The victory was marginal at best.

Additionally, in British media there are many reports about undermining the will of the people and being labelled as a traitor. This is where I draw the line.

Firstly, no-one is calling the politicians liars or fraudsters when the campaign they led to get people to leave was based on lies, stories, wishful thinking, and fantasy. There is no mountain of money that is coming to the UK, no fairy tale ending of the ‘good old days’ returning–that thinking is a fallacy for the gullible- and it worked.

Next, this was the snapshot of opinion in 2016, before the public knew they had been lied to by politicians. If the results of a referendum are based upon a lie does it become invalid. According to the UK, nope; you pay a small fine (when looking at overall expenditure for the leave campaign) and continue on your way.

So you now have gained an understanding of what Brexit means, you know you’ve been lied to, there as a marginal victory, and 27% of the population didn’t vote for this. Will Brexit be stopped? No.

I and millions of others have signed petitions after petitions and campaigned for change and it has always been ignored. The UK government is determined to follow the results of a referendum which was based upon a lie, without care of the consequences for the country or internationally.

What I find amusing is the mythic ‘Brexit deal’. The EU and the UK have the equivalent of over 700 ratified treaties andv the UK is unable to complete 1 on its own.

That, more than anything else, should highlight international opinion on the UK.

Thank you for reading and happy exploring.

Next time: is UK arrogance a thing?

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